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WiseJ Framework 2.0.12 Professional/Enterprise

Wisej provides a platform and set of tools designed to ease the burden of developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining complex business software. It bridges the gap between traditional WinForms-style desktop applications and the web by empowering developers to leverage their existing .NET and C# skills. Developers are able to use the tools they are familiar with, like a pixel-perfect design surface and drag-and-drop controls with the languages they are comfortable with (C# or VB.NET) to build real-time web applications without having to learn HTML, CSS, or jаvascript. They can stay in their favorite IDE like Visual Studio to take advantage of features like IntelliSense, integrated debugging, design surfaces and source control integration. Front-end developers can leverage their knowledge of web technologies to augment applications and seamlessly integrate third-party packages like HTML5 charting libraries and ASP.NET controls.
To bridge the gap between legacy desktop applications and modern web applications, Wisej provides several features that create a straightforward path to migrate existing applications or build green field projects without having to learn a new set of technologies. Support for touch and gestures is built into the software with emulation to support the desktop experience, localization is a first-class citizen, and the applications Wisej produces are out-of-the-box responsive. That means they are readily accessible from desktop browsers, mobile smartphones and tablets.

Pixel Perfect Designer
Design and build complex Web Applications directly in Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET and a rich library of components.

WebRTC Made Simple
Keep the browser and the server in live-sync through small differential Ajax/JSON packets over a failsafe WebSocket connection.

Responsive Web Applications
Wisej supports responsive breaks, responsive properties, flow and grid layout panels, auto sizing, and auto anchoring/docking to build perfect responsive web apps.

It’s a highly specialized framework for Real Time Web Applications; it’s not a general purpose tool for web pages and web sites. Developers can focus on their projects and don’t worry about HTML, state management, backend services, callbacks, ajax panels, synchronization, DOM, CSS, jаvascript, security, authentication, concurrency…

Wisej is designed to build, debug, deploy and manage web applications of any complexity in Visual Studio or SharpDevelop.

Create a web application
in 25 seconds

Open Visual Studio Select New Project -> Wisej -> Web Application.

Visual Studio will create the project template and open the first window in design mode. You can select one of several project templates and add new project items such as pages, custom controls, desktop controls, extensions, etc.

Drop components
from the toolbox
Choose from dozens of components and add-ons, including extenders that add rotation, animation, speech recognition & synthesis, tooltips & helptips capabilities to other components.

Add code
Double click on a component and add C#/VB.NET code that interacts with the browser in real time. It can even draw and paint directly on the browser using HTML5 canvas instructions or plain drawing instructions!

Hit Run.
Drop in more components using the pixel-perfect designer, connect to data sources, attach events, create multiple pages and windows, build custom composite controls, drop in third party jаvascript widgets and hit run.

Traditional ASP.NET/MVC/JSP/PHP page assembling systems require a drastic change in the architecture and object-oriented, component-based, event-driven programming paradigm that most enterprise line of business (LOB) developers are used to.

jаvascript widget libraries such as ExtJS, Qooxdoo, Dojo, Kendo, jQueryUI and others have changed that by providing rich client-side widgets that replace ASP.NET/MVC controls. Instead of assembling HTML on the server, these client-side frameworks manage the DOM and create sophisticated controls that behave like (usually better than) WebForms, WinForms, or WPF controls.

However, in a typical LOB app it’s not enough to have cool widgets. You need to execute complex and secure business logic manipulating data from different sources, and to interact with databases and/or external devices. The UI, business logic, reports, visual logic, documents, and databases are all connected in complex applications, with hundreds of components, often requiring challenging modal workflows.

Developers that build (or migrate) typical LOB apps on the web are left to work with text editors (the ASP.NET/MVC designer breaks down very quickly and has little resemblance to what is rendered in the browser). Some jаvascript widget libraries provide tools to manage the widgets, but usually can’t code nor debug.

The learning curve is steep. Development is complex with several heterogeneous parts and tools. Browser/server communications, jаvascript logic and data binding, request handlers, state management, and server logic, are mixed with cumbersome syntax and limited frameworks.

Wisej brings the integrated event-driven, component-based approach that we are used to for desktop/mobile native applications to the web. It provides a rich, virtually unlimited, library of browser/server real-time components designed to build web applications in a coherent environment. The learning curve is flat.

and separated
Business logic and visual logic run on the server interacting with each other. Client side jаvascript widgets are in live sync with the server through simple, optimized, JSON packets. The widget library does what it’s supposed to: render the UI in the browser. There is no mixing of concerns resulting in a clean, secure, and scalable development system.

Web applications often end up putting together a number of different technologies. On the client side it is common to use widgets from different sources, with different styles, different theming, data binding, and bootstrapping.

Client side widgets have to interact with the backend, fire events that have to be routed and handled, and fit in the UI. Wisej integrates just about any widget and presents a consistent component/event model to the developer. It takes care of loading, optimizing, initializing, routing, styling, and managing the widgets as server-side components and client-side widgets.

Two examples
the great Highcharts library and Google Web Components
With little effort, usually as little as adding the source of the packages and some jаvascript initialization code, Wisej integrates third party widgets in the designer, the server/browser communication model, and the theme system.

Instead of trying to rebuild charting libraries, treemaps, dashboards, knobs, editors, etc. we use the best component for the job in a fully integrated and consistent framework.

Integrated widgets are much (much!) easier to use. Ever tried to use – really use: handle events, update the state, connect to server code – polymer widgets in a web application? With Wisej it’s as easy as dragging the component to the page, set the properties and attach the events.

The same goes for other browser features: Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, and Geolocation are other examples of Wisej integration.

It’s easy to start with some jаvascript lines, but in a real app you have to react to events and put the recognized text in a control, or take some action on the server on speech or GPS events..

With Wisej all those technologies are integrated as extenders: drop the Speech Recognition component on a page and all the components on the page can now react on speech events from the browser; drop the Geolocation extender and receive events on the server; drop the Speech Synthesis component on a page to add speech capabilities to all the controls on the page.

It’s really simple
with Wisej
But what if you can’t find the widget you need? Or what if you need a highly vertical control that simply doesn’t exist in the web world? An example could be a live data mapping widget that shows in real time the performance of an assembly-line machine, or a live ticker that displays data streaming in from a secure server behind a strict company firewall.

Take the ProgressCircle component as an example
You can drop in more components using the pixel-perfect designer, connect to data sources, attach events, create multiple pages and windows, build custom composite controls, drop in third party jаvascript widgets and hit run.

Full Control Set

Cloud Ready
Wisej applications are ready for scalable cloud deployments, embedded environments, and local servers.
Deploying a web application has never been easier. Wisej apps are entirely contained in .NET assemblies that are easy to deploy anywhere.
Wisej takes care of loading and caching resources, bundling and minifying jаvascript and CSS files, managing sessions and communicating with load balancers.

Debug in Visual Studio, locally or remotely, and deploy anywhere: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines, Local Servers, Embedded Servers, and even local disconnected applications.

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